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Le Diamant de pierres

From 1st July to 29th August 2020

The château of the Counts of Carcassonne night stroll

Le Diamant de pierres

This year again, the Centre des monuments nationaux, in partnership with the Ville de Carcassonne, called on Amaclio Productions to create, direct and produce a summer night stroll inside the château, inviting the visitors to extend their perception of the City in a unique way. Take part this year in Bruno Seillier's new creation: Le Diamant de pierres.

Le Diamant de pierres is a unique occasion to visit the château of the Counts of Carcassonne and to be thrilled by the character of this medieval city. To make the stones alive, one only has to look them with a new eye…

The 2020 edition

At nightfall, discover an enchanting course set by sound and light effects, which will bring the monument to life under the starry canopy.

Dare to venture inside the precious casket of the château of the Counts and discover the ramparts around the city of a fifty-two towers throughout a unique night stroll, creating the jewels of a crown with gems.

Gaze upon the illuminated city from the top of the fortress and walk along the yards and the hoardings plunged into a glorious ballet of lasers carving a dream of stones. Be bewitched by the dazzling light feeling the rhythm of mineral melodies.

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  • A 45 minutes

    night stroll

  • 52 nights

    Do not miss the 2020 edition!

  • 60 000

    delighted spectators since 2018

This year

Le Diamant de pierres

A show for all ages

A family night stroll

A fresh look

upon the city and the ramparts by night

The new night stroll in the château of the Counts of Carcassonne: Le Diamant de pierres

The creator

Bruno Seillier

Bruno Seillier has created more than 50 shows. Even if he explores many different genres of scenery (theatre, technological shows…), his trademark is the staging of major monuments of our heritage.

His specificity is to create shows which emphasizes a unique place: how can we magnify it without tarnishing its original essence? How can we match technology and historic monument? 

Amaclio Productions Une histoire de spectacles
Director and producer

Amaclio Productions

Since 2012, Amaclio Productions create prestigious shows for an ever-bigger audience in emblematic French historic monuments.

Amaclio Productions creates, products and set events. The firm has been created by François NICOLAS, entrepreneur in love with history and literature, and by Bruno Seillier, director and scriptwriter, and it is specialized in the showcase of our heritage.

Amaclio Productions’ shows generate emotion and enchantment, and invite the spectator to broaden his knowledge of the landmark and its history.

The Centre des monuments nationaux

The château of the Counts of Carcassonne

A key city in the formation of France. Carcassonne was the seat of power of the Counts of Carcassonne, and then of the famous Trencavel family in the 12th century. Following the Albigensian Crusade (1209-1229), when the Royal forces seized Carcassonne, accusing it of complicity with the Cathars, it became a Royal fortress governed by a seneschal.

It defended the border between France and Aragon until the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659.

One of the largest European restoration projects. In the 19th century, the city was on the verge of demolition and was used as a stone quarry. For over 50 years (1853-1911), Viollet-le-Duc and his successor Paul Boeswillwald gave it back its medieval appearance, destroying the secondary constructions between the outer walls, using grey roofing stone for the towers, and restoring the décors and hoardings. In the 1960s, the Gallo-Roman towers were topped with tiles.