Practical information

Where and when?

Find out here all the information required to prepare your visit.

Time and date

45 minutes free visit – In July : 9:30pm to midnight / In august: 9:30pm to 11:30pm

Last entrance – In July : 11:15pm / In august: 10:45pm

Show prices

Tarif plein


Tarif réduit


Gratuit pour les moins de 7 ans

Tarif groupe


Practical conditions

The course is mostly beautiful at nightfall !
The visit is for all ages. For security reasons, strollers cannot be stored.

The course is not recommended for people with reduce mobility.

People in wheelchair and people with easy fatigability have only access to the main court. The midi courtyard, the hoardings and the ramparts are inaccessible. They shall be escorted by a valid person (the discount is also applied for the escort).

Dogs are not allowed inside the castle.

Contact us

Communication & Marketing

Corentin Stemler

06 52 87 93 52

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François Nicolas

Press officer

Camille Brissonneau

06 44 19 13 08

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